Feeling The Quintessence Of Town-Planning With Simcity Buildit

simcity buildit

Being an ardent lover of mobile games and having this game for quite some time now, Simcity Buildit’s ease of play appealed to me a lot. The game shuns some of the most noted inconveniences and incongruities of other city-based building and town planning titles. I found it easy to move and place buildings and make way for roads. What struck me as a glowing positive was the fact that it doesn’t have any person to person enmity, clash or crime. There’s no central character/s, save you. As the builder, I am the protagonist and player in the game. I can also choose to be the antagonist, if I so will, but that’d be destroying my own game, and ruining myself.

There’s no violence in the game, at least in the conventional game. I found that it was a good departure from other games where city-based games have to include gore and bloodshed. However, houses do burn down, but the issues are different. Natural disasters like tornadoes and storms can wipe out certain pockets of the town. As regards consumerism, players can get through Simcity Buildit for a while sans feeling any real thrust or compulsion to spend money.

However, I was rattled to find that the more you play the more tempted will you become. The game’s development and phases are designed in that manner to entice you to spend some bucks. It didn’t take me long to decipher that SimCash accounts to real-world money, which amounts to $5-$100. After venturing out with a handful of residential zones, you make way for the city’s inhabitants to settle down peacefully. You don’t need to pay for these developments, not even for the roads. However, you cannot keep placing them intermittently or continually without earning them. All you need to do here is level up.


As regards the IAPs of this game, Simcity Buildit contains only one premium currency. It entails two in-game utilities or uses. You can stump up small amounts to make the timers flee. You can also exchange larger sums in return of the non-premium modality of Simoleons. Despite the fact that you can earn it by playing, you require far more than you can obtain to construct at a decent pace. This is the space which can consume bulk of your investment. However, I’d rather opt to invest my time in the core game than dishing it out in this gamut.

There are some obvious negatives of the game too. With the abounding timers, your production of goods surpasses the construction of structures. They appear to be tailor made to make things complicated and irritating at times. New buildings play spoilsport too. While roads and zones are free, service structures entail costs. I was rather jittery with the fact that a humble park can cost so much with the in-game currency. Notwithstanding these little pitfalls, Simcity Buildit has enough entertainment to lure you and keep you installed in it. Skeptics call it snail’s pace, but again, no city is built with a magic wand. You build it brick to brick and watch it grow and become vibrant. The game is a promising and compelling rebirth, certainly.

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